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Size Chart for

Over the Moon Kids' Clothing

These size descriptions are suggestions, based on my observations and client feedback with the clothing items listed here.  Gauge your size choices by your familiarity with the individual baby or child you have in mind. 
When in doubt - go for a 'roomy' fit.  - Kiki


All Tee-shirts are YOUTH sizes. But, I have found that the smaller sizes fit younger kids. Even some large toddlers!


The larger shirts make wonderful 'big brother or big sister gifts'. These shirts are great to 'gift' - as an add-on, when buying for the little sibling.

These shirts will shrink a bit, so my advice is to buy 'roomy'.  The white shirts probably shrink a tiny bit more than the premium colored shirts.
Tumble dry on medium heat for best results.

X SMALL   This shirt fits my 7 year old grandaughter,

with room to spare.  She is petite. 

XS might fit a 3 year old , up to a much older child, depending on the build of the child.

Dimensions lain flat:  

16" from collar to hem

14" between shoulder seams


SMALL     Children wearing a size 4 to 8 in other brands, could probably take SM.  Again - adjust for the child's weight and height.

Dimensions lain flat:

17" from collar to hem

15" between shoulder seams

MEDIUM   The MED Tee-shirts appear to be size 10 to 12 in a regular children's size. 

Dimensions lain flat:

18" from collar to hem

16" between shoulder seams

LARGE     LRG shirts looks equivalent to size 12 -14. 

Dimensions lain flat:

19" from collar to hem

17" between shoulder seams


X LARGE    Our X LRG shirts appear to be a size 16 kids' size.  This size almost fits me!  An X Large will definitely fit a teen girl - or most slim women. Add one of these to your order . . . to make a fun 'big sibling' or 'mommy & me' matching set of shirts! I don't stock this XL size in quantities, but it is easy to order them for you. Just ask.

Dimensions lain flat: 

21" from collar to hem

18" between shoulder seams

'Onesie' Sizing 

The onesie baby suits I've chosen are just lovely!

Need a new baby or shower gift?  Give alone, or pair with a 'Nite Nite Lite', Baby Bib or coordinating small canvas.    

They are 'Rabbit Skins' brand. 100% cotton.

Soft and well-sewn. Adorable!

Available in 6-months, 12-months and 18-months sizes.


Dimensions when lain flat:

14" from neck to crotch, when snapped

7" from shoulder seam to shoulder seam

8 ½" in width, at waist


Dimensions when lain flat:

15" from neck to crotch, when snapped

8" from shoulder seam to shoulder seam

9 ½" in width, at waist


Dimensions when lain flat:

16" from neck to crotch, when snapped

10" from shoulder seam to shoulder seam

11" in width, at waist

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