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Every item in the Over the Moon Collection was chosen for its 'whimsical' connection to my series of Nursery Rhyme Paintings.  Bright, cheerful colors and beloved characters who always make us Smile.  - Karen Kinser

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Cow & Moon Lrg 'Nite Nite Lite'
This nightlight is a bit larger than the square one.
It measures 6" tall and 4" wide. Perfect for a nightlight . . . the Moon glows softly.
38.00 Intro Offer - Free Shipping on all Nite Lites!
Jack Large 'Nite Nite Lite'
This nightlight is a bit larger than the one with the square 'globe'. Jack climbs down the beanstalk, after his adventure with the Giant!
38.00 Intro Offer - Free Shipping on all Nite Lites!
Baa Baa Large 'Nite Nite Lite'
BaaBaa Black Sheep grazes in his meadow - and glows in the night - on this bright ceramic night light. 6" tall x 4" wide.
38.00 Intro Offer - Free Shipping on all Nite Lites!
Dish & Spoon Bib
These are wonderfully roomy bibs! Measures almost 8" from baby's chin to bottom of bib. Nice and wide as well. 10.5". Image is 'Dish Ran Away with the Spoon' from Karen's 'Hey Diddle Diddle'. 22.00
Dish & Spoon Baby Bib
#7 Grandchild was happy to model one of the Over the Moon Bibs. This bib is very roomy. Almost 8" from her chin to the bottom of the bib. And 10 ½" across. Snap closure. Cotton Poly.
Bib - 22.00
Our sweet punkin' - priceless!
Our Dish Running Away with the Spoon
14" Baa Baa Pillow
A plump square pillow with the black sheep from 'Baa Baa Black Sheep', lazily munching flowers in a meadow. Image is on both sides of the pillow. Verse is included on one side.
Also available with Cow & Moon design
14" square 32.00
18" square 38.00
White Cow & Moon Onesie
Cotton 'Onesie'. Available in 6mos / 12mos / 18mos.
This Cow Jumping Over the Moon design also comes printed on 'baby blue'.
Pink Baa Baa 'Onesie'
My sweet little granddaughter models one of the pink Over the Moon
'Baa BaaOnesies'.
6mos / 12mos / 18mos.
This Black Sheep design also comes printed on 'white'.
Pink Baa Baa Onesie
Sturdy and Soft - this Onesie is our Pink Baa Baa design. Baa Baa Black sheep also comes on a White Onesie.
Our Cow Jumping the Moon
This cow has escaped from her life in my 'Hey Diddle Diddle' painting!
She appears on many items, including the wall art canvases.
Availble in 8"square / 12"square / 20" square . . . and many other custom sizes.
Cow Jumped Over the Moon Tshirt
This design is available on white and on heather gray.
Youth sizes XS / S / M / L / XL.
See Size Chart Link below, for description of sizes.
White Tees 22.00
Premium Colored Tees 28.00
Cow & Moon T-shirt in White
Presley models this white cotton T-shirt.
The Cow & Moon have verse printed below.

White Tees - 22.00 / Premium Colored Tees - 28.00
BaaBaa T-shirt in Royal Blue
Mae is smiling in her royal blue Baa Baa T-shirt. Comfy cotton. Bright colors. This premium colored shirt is available in 2 colors. Royal Blue and Heather Gray.
BaaBaa T-shirt in White with Verse
Here is the BaaBaa Tee in white. This one includes the verse.
(There is no verse on the Blue and Grey T-shirts.)
White Tees 22.00 / Premium Color Tees 28.00
BaaBaa 20"x20" Canvas
Canvases come in a variety of sizes, shapes and prices.
This one is 20" x 20".
See the page with Canvas Sizes & Prices to find one that fits your wall.
20"x 20" square 125.00
20"x 20" Cow & Moon Canvas (1)
Hang it. Lean it. Even frame it, if you prefer it that way. The cow is availble on many of my gift items, shirts, onesies . . . and as wall art. This version is a 'close up'. Also available with 'full bodied cow'!
Hey Diddle Diddle Canvas
Making a BIG splash in this baby's nursery, this large canvas hangs over the dresser.
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